Sydney Ellis

Sydney began her singing career in the Los Angeles area when, on the day after her 44th birthday, in 1991, she got her nerve up and climbed up onto a session stage.

The dream comes true. Since then, her singing has blossomed into an obsession for what Sydney calls, her "Cultural Heritage" , or "African-American Folk Music" . The rest of the world calls it "Blues, Classic Jazz, Gospel, Spirituals, New Orleans Jazz & Blues, R & B, Chicago Blues, & Kansas City Blues". This obsession has taken her in 3 short years from the Los Angeles area to Europe.
Since 1995, Sydney has performed over 1,000 concerts in 25 countries. Scheduled venues for 2011 include; Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria. Past years have given Sydney the opportunity to perform in Spain, France, Danmark, Belgium, Liechtenstein Luxembourg, Norway, Georgia, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Tunisia, Croatia, Slovakia, The Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland.